Filling The Gap

Purple Valley Emergency Response Fund

An emergency response fund for our treasured staff members & their families to help them through the lock down during the Corona virus crisis.


Filling The Gap at Purple Valley Yoga Center, Goa, India


Why we need your help

As the world grapples with possibly the worst public health crisis seen in more than a century,

India too has been in lock down since 25th March, and maybe on the cusp of an explosion of corona virus cases.

A country of 1.3 billion people — are faced with the inevitable loss of livelihoods, increased poverty and malnutrition, urban displacement of daily wagers and migrant labourers, and several other concerns. 

Put simply, the real cost of the COVID-19 pandemic is impossible to imagine.  

FILLING THE GAP is an initiative to create a dedicated fund in aid of those in our local community who have lost their iobs and source of income due to the lock down. 

The Crisis The Lock Down Has Caused 

At this point, Goa has been declared a Green zone and free from Corona virus. But the rest of the country still fights the virus. International and interstate borders remain closed. People continue to stay home to stay safe. Purple Valley has guests who travel to Goa, India from all over the world. But with the Covid-19 pandemic, no one knows when we will be able to resume business. Until the Center goes back to normal operations and begins to have it's regular income, there maybe be no opportunities for the local staff or their family members to work.

Creating a Safety Net

All the staff employees of Purple Valley will be paid salary till the virus
abates and they are in employment again. But this may not be enough.
With the Purple Valley Relief Fund we hope to provide a further safety net
for our staff and their family members who are affected by lack of jobs.

 Filling The Gap Fundraiser

With Filling The Gap we want to ensure that our workforce, the backbone of Purple Valley, has the support they need.  There are over 200 people who are connected to Purple Valley and will be affected by this lock down. They include our staff, their families, local partners and seasonal workers in Assagao village who are no longer sure when they will make their next wage again. 

Essential supplies through monthly packages

The local economy in Goa has been shut down by the pandemic. Your donations to the Fund will be used to organise and supply monthly food packages. The monthly provision packages will contain wheat, rice, pulses, onion,potatoes, tomatoes and oil. For reference, a family of 5 can be fed on a monthly contribution of INR 4500 or about 50 GBP or 60 USD.


As a community, it is time to come forward and make a difference.

For almost 2 decades, Purple Valley Yoga Retreat has been a peaceful haven situated in Goa, India for Ashtanga yoga practitioners and students across the world. India is the home of yoga, and Purple Valley hosts some of the world's leading Ashtanga yoga courses & teachers in Goa's most comfortable yoga accommodation.

In these difficult times there are many people around the globe who could use some support. Many of you who have been part of the Purple Valley community, have reached out to offer support and financial aid for our local staff, their families and the community in Assagao village.

As we work towards Filling The Gap in the lives of those most vulnerable, we hope to raise funds to offer essential supplies to those most in need. Yoga is so much more than just the asana practice and perfecting the poses.  We believe #FillingTheGap is an investment in our community and the people who live in it. A way to give back, build community spirit and solidarity through our practice on and off the mat.

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Purple Valley Yoga Retreat, 142 Bairo Alto, Assagao, Bardez, Goa, India.

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